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Enroll a Little

How can I get a child a Mentor?

It’s easy to get involved! If you would like to enroll a child, please follow the steps below: 

Please note: Enrollment is now on hold. We will be accepting new applications in the Fall. 

1. Parent/legal guardian contacts Erin, the Mentoring Coordinator to review enrollment criteria. The purpose of the initial call is to discuss the motivations for having a Big Brother/Sister and assess suitability for the program. If the eligibility criteria are met, the parent/guardian and child will be invited to attend a Parent Information Session/Child Safety session. This session will begin in a large group where parents/legal guardians and the children will learn about Big Brothers Big Sisters and the commitment involved for all parties. Parents and children will then be divided into two groups for the child safety component. Child Safety Training is mandatory training for all children involved in BBBSRC programs. 

2. Parent/legal guardian and child attend the mandatory session. Applications forms are available after completing the session. Please note that we do not offer child care during these sessions therefore, please ensure that other children are in care. 

3. Parent/legal guardian and participating child complete a family interview. Please note that this step cannot take place until the completed application has been received by the agency. 

The family interview is divided into two sections. The Enrollment Coordinator will meet with the parent(s)/guardian(s) individually and then with the child. The purpose of the family interview is for us to get to know your family, reasons for wanting a Big and also learn more about your child so we can do our best to facilitate the matching process.  

4. Once all previous steps are completed, the file is reviewed and a decision is made by the agency to accept/not accept the child into the community based program of interest.

Should the child not be accepted into a BBBSRC program, the parent/legal guardian will be notified of the decision and will be provided with other appropriate community resources that could be of support to the family.  

Children accepted into the Big Brother and Big Sister/Buddy up programs are placed on our waitlist. As many factors go into finding a Big Brother/Big Sister, we cannot estimate how long a child will wait to be matched.  

To find out more about enrolling a child or young person in our programs, please contact us.